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Did you know that your Synxis booking engine is losing you bookings? 

That is correct, by using Synxis with its basic functions you are creating a sales funnel which can block a potential guest from completing a sale. With Booking Rescue, you can ensure no potential guest is not left without an option to gather further information and most importantly contacting your reservations team to hopefully finalise a booking.

“Booking Rescue has been a game changer in relation to direct bookings, since its introduction we have seen a significant increase in conversions of direct business – from what would have been lost business in the past.

The simplicity is key and of course the speed of follow up – which thankfully my team are great at  – I think part of the success of the conversation is due to the desire to really help the client on a one on one personal level which has greatly helped in increasing that direct business channel”

Ross Stevenson, General Manager, Cap Maison Resort & Spa, Saint Lucia


With Synxis rooms are either open or closed, no in-between. With our plugin, if a room is not available we will show this as ‘On Request’

This eliminates a sold out message ever appearing on your booking engine which closes the sales funnel on a potential guest. With on request, a user will be able to click on the required room and send your reservations department a message with their required dates and number of guests.

Your staff can then see if a room matches their request, or it gives you choices if not. Is it a last minute booking and you are willing to revenue manage and accept the lower rate and upgrade to a higher room category. Can you convince the guests to amend their dates slightly to when there is availability Whichever decision is made, you now have options which were not available previously, rather than close the sales funnel with a sold out message and the user going to a competitor who does show availability.


Do you have a lot of people entering your booking engine but would like more to convert, make it as easy as possible for users to contact you with any pre-booking questions they may have.

With our exit intent system, when a user goes to leave the booking engine, a pop up will appear asking the user if they had any questions to help enable with their booking journey.

The potential guest can very quickly and easily complete the form which is then sent directly to your reservations team to follow up.


Ever started buying something online but got distracted, then shortly after you get a friendly reminder email from the retailer to return to complete the sale?

This is the same, if a user starts a booking but does not complete the reservation, we will then send them an email with the details of their booking, a link which has stored all the details of their required reservation, so they can quickly return to your website and complete their sale.


No contracts, pay monthly and you can cancel with just a months notice if required.


$30 per month